Heart beat


The heart contractions are supposed to be rhythmic, the rate and regularity of the heart rhythm, called heart beat, are modified by electrical impulses from nerves that stimulate the myocardium. Cardiac output is the volum of blood pumped by the heart per unit time.these electrical impulses also called conduction system are controlled by the sinoarterial node , artriventricular node, bundle of His and Purking fibers

The mining of terms

ضربان قلب heart beat
انقباض contraction
میزان rate
تعدیل شدن modifie
تحریک کردن stimulate
برون ده قلبی cardiac output
سیستم هدایت کننده conduction system
گره سینوسی-دهلیزی sinoarterial node
گره دهلیزی-بطنی artrioventrucular node
الیاف پورکنژ Purking fibres

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